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Strive Soccer Club - Fall 2023 Newsletter

Strive families, welcome to Strive Soccer Club inaugural season. The start of a great journey is here. After a great turnout at tryouts we are starting the 2023/24 season off in an extremely positive way. We are so thankful for all the support of the local community and all our families as we head into the forthcoming year.

Player & Personal Development

Player development is at the core of what we do. We strongly believe our players and teams need to be pushed beyond their current limits in order to grow and be successful in the future. As coaches we are not satisfied with mediocrity and we do not want our players to be either. We want our players to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. As a club, winning for us is players, week in and week out, winning their personal battles, training hard and being respectful and humble human beings.

Manchester School of Soccer support

Manchester School of Soccer will continue partnership with the club by offering coach education for all select and academy coaching staff plus additional player developmental training in the form of private lessons, camps and Center of Excellence weekly training.

Practice Dates & Times

Practice will continue to be held on Mondays & Wednesdays for all Select and Academy Teams throughout the Fall 2023 and Spring 2024. All teams will practice at Jumbo Evans soccer complex.

Training times!

Academy Teams: 6pm - 7:15pm (Field 5)

2018 - 2014 Birth Years

9vs9 Teams: 6pm - 7:15pm (Field 4)

  • 2012 Boys Blue

  • 2012 Boys Red

  • 2013 Boys

  • 2013 Girls

11vs11 Teams: 7:15pm - 8:30pm (Field 4)

  • 2005 Girls

  • 2008 Girls

  • 2009 boys

  • 2011 Girls

2023/24 Tournaments

Fall Season

November 18th & 19th: Copa Alamo Classico (Select Teams only)

November 18th & 19th: NB Wurstfest Tournament (Academy)

TDB: Select 11v11 teams may participate in a showcase and/or additional tournaments.

Spring Season

February: United for Hope

April/May: STX Cups (Select only)

TDB: Select 11v11 teams may participate in a showcase and/or additional tournaments.

Important Dates & Holiday Breaks

August 13: Season Kick Off Party Strive and Relentless

August 21: Select Practice Starts*

September 6: Academy Practice Starts*

November 15: Academy Practice Last Day*

November 20-24: NO PRACTICE - Thanksgiving Week

December 13: Select Practice Last Day*

December 18: End of Season Parents vs Players

January 8: Select Practice Starts

January 22: Academy Practice Starts

March 11-15: NO PRACTICE - Spring Break

April 17: Academy Practice Last Day*

May 1: Select Practice Last Day*

May 6th - 22nd: 2024/25 Tryouts

TBD: End of Season Parents vs Players

* Subject to change depending on league/tournament games. ** All above dates are subject to change.

Pre-Season Performance Camp

Date: August 7th - 10th

Time: 7pm - 9pm

Location: Cibolo Multi-Event Center

Address: 210 S Main Street, Cibolo TX 78108

Cost: $175

Birth Year: 2005 - 2013

This camp is aimed to fine tune player's skills before they start their fall season. A variety of speed and agility drills, strength and conditioning work & technical skills will be the focus. This camp will ensure the players are showing up to their fall season physically fit, technically sharp and ready play! Space is limited so sign up today to guarantee your spot!

Zero Tolerance Policy

Youth sports are a great opportunity for a child to build self-esteem and learn fundamental skills. It’s also an opportunity for adults to become positive role models and to teach the value and importance of good sportsmanship. Strive Soccer Club wants you to enjoy the great game of soccer and our Zero Tolerance Policy is in place in an effort to assist you and your player throughout the season.

So, just a reminder about expectations for spectator behavior: please support your entire team, refrain from coaching (remove action verbs from your cheering), and understand that making decisions on the field, which will include making plenty of mistakes, is the optimal way for players to develop. The leagues in which Strive Soccer Club teams play continue to emphasize the importance of all adults at games modeling appropriate behavior; when winning, when losing and all the ups and downs in between that come with competing. Referee availability continues to be a challenge; soccer games cannot take place without officials and poor spectator/parent behavior makes it harder to find and retain officials.

Best of luck to all players and teams in the upcoming season and best wishes to all for a fun, developmental season on the pitch!

Go Strive!


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